only cuz he dropped the hammer after rolling away into the next gear
and then some

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Interior back in supra, ie carpet, door will stuff and everything else minus the tower covers. Found a stereo to put in as well so that’s neat. S13 went for a drive, seems as peppy and such as always. I miss driving that car :( but it will be awesome when I finish it after the truck and cressida. Packed up the supra and ready for skids on Monday, gave er a bath too. A bunch of dumb little things done today. Felt aimless. Took me a half hour to find the interior screws…which were in my centre console the whole time. So dumb of me. Lots of empty bins in the shop now. Need to sell or trash a ton of crap after the truck and cressida are done. Need a huge cleanse

Getting rid of stuff is the best. I’m excited for 240.

chris drive your s13 at pumpkin smash with me.